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Dear Farmer:

The Harwich Agricultural Commission and the Harwich Historical Society have finalized plans for the 2016 Harwich Farmer’s Market. The outdoor location will once again be held adjacent to the Brooks Academy Museum on Parallel Street in Historic Harwich Center.

An 18-week market June 9 through October 6 2016

Thursdays - 3:00pm until 6:00pm rain or shine as weather permits.

Included in all fees will be advertising, market signage and market membership in Buy Fresh Buy Local Cape Cod. Any residual income from the 2016 market will be donated to the Brooks Academy Museum. A Harwich Farmer’s Market Representative will be on-site 1 hour before the start of each market until 1 /2 hour after the market closes. The Market Manager will handle parking issues, vendor issues and customer issues.


  1. To promote the sale of Cape Cod grown farm products directly from the farmers.

  1. To provide the Harwich community with a variety of, fresh, nutritious local vegetables, fruit, food products and related farm products from local agriculture and aquaculture.

  1. To provide an educational forum for consumers to learn the benefits of quality, locally grown food and to have a transparent experience of local growers. Because the market is held on town-owned property and co-sponsored by a designated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, no political/religious activities are permitted within the market area.
  1. To enhance the quality of life on Cape Cod by providing a community activity which fosters social gathering and interaction while at the same time preserving Cape Cod’s agriculture and aquaculture heritage.



Vendor Equipment: Each vendor is responsible for providing and removing any and all equipment and supplies that he or she requires to do business at the site, including signs, tables, chairs and the like. The use of canopies and umbrellas are encouraged however, each vendor must provide secure anchoring of all canopies and umbrellas using weights and or tie downs. In addition, all vendors are responsible for removing all garbage from their site.

Signs: All individual vendor signs must remain within the allotted vendor’s exhibit space and must not block traffic or pedestrian’s right of way or interfere with other vendor’s displays. All items offered for sale will be clearly labeled and priced and each vendor will post a sign of the farm/company name. In addition the use of nametags for all vendors will be required and storey boards about you and your farm are encouraged.

Exhibit Space: The Market Manager has full authority to assign exhibit space. Requests for particular sites will be given consideration keeping in mind that management reserves the right to locate all vendors.

Hours of Operation: Set-up for each market begins at 2pm. Each vendor must be set-up and have vehicles in proper place prior to the start of the market at 3pm. The market shall operate on Thursdays from 3:00pm until 6:00pm. All vendors must remain at the market location until the 6:00pm closing and must vacate the premises by 7:00pm. No vendor shall sell his or her products prior to the market opening at 3:00pm.

Scales: In addition, all vendors must utilize legal scales with a current weights and measures stamp. If selling pre-packed produce, weight/price must be posted.

Permitted Market Items: Vendors shall sell only agricultural, horticultural or food items that they themselves have grown, produced or processed. Baked goods and other processed or specialty foods can be sold with the approval of the Harwich Farmer’s Market Committee and require a permit from the Harwich Board of Health. Applicable Board of Health permits are the responsibility of the vendor. The Harwich Farmer’s Market Committee will maintain a file of all Board of Health Permits. The Market Manager has the right to ask that products be removed from stalls by the vendors if they detract from the overall quality of the Market. Items not produced by the vending farm or business shall be clearly marked, stating where they are grown or produced and must be approved by the market manager.

Enforcement of Rules: The Harwich Farmer’s Market Manager is responsible for enforcing the market rules. Possible violations or unresolved issues will be discussed between the Harwich Agricultural Commission and the Harwich Historical Society prior to the next market date. If a vendor fails or refuses to adhere to any decision duly made, then the vendor may be expelled for the balance of the market season. There will be no refund of fees paid in that instance. For non-use of name tags, late arrivals or lack of signage the vendor will be required to pay a $5.00 fee to Brooks academy Museum on the spot.

Participation: seasonal vendors may miss up to three weekly markets in the 2016 season, they must notify the Market Manager at least one day prior to the date of absence. Weekly vendors may apply by Tuesday of the same week to participate in the market, weekly fees must be paid by the start of the market.

Thank you for the opportunity to showcase your farm/business in our 2016 Farmer’s Market. The Harwich Agricultural Commission will do everything within our ability to provide you and the Harwich community with a beneficial experience. The sustainability of agriculture and aquaculture in our community continues to be our common goal and your participation is paramount to the continuance of our mission.

For any questions or more information please contact or
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!!!